Many individuals suffer from pain in their knees as a result of arthritis, over exertion or knee malalignment. Although a visit to a physician can be costly, there are several over the counter treatments that can bring relief. Using one or several of the following products can reduce the pain and discomfort of knee ailments.

Analgesic/anti-inflammatory: The knee is held in place by a series of strong ligaments. When these ligaments become torn or stretched, it can result in extreme discomfort. Analgesics can help ease the pain, while anti-inflammatories can reduce the swelling of the ligaments.

Brace: It can be tricky to determine which is the best brace for knee pain, as this is determined largely upon what has caused the pain. When ligaments in the knee become strained, they may need to be immobilized to give them a chance to heal. There are many braces available that will immobilize the joint to prevent it from bending while the healing process takes place.

For those who suffer from pain due to excessive physical exertion, a hinged knee brace may be of benefit. These hinged knee braces help to stabilise lax ligaments around the knee while allowing flexibility.

Supplement: Glucosamine is a chemical compound naturally found in the body. Its main purpose is to keep cartilage in the joints healthy. As we age, this compound begins to decrease, which can lead to pain in the knees. Taking glucosamine supplements for knee degeneration helps to rebuild this cartilage, providing more cushioning within the joints.

Medicated cream: Many athletes, gardeners and labourers suffer from pain in or around the knee as a result of over worked muscles or ligaments. There are many medicated creams for knee pain that contain anti-inflammatories and pain relief ingredients to help increase blood flow to the area where it is applied, which in turn releases tension around the knee area.

Pain doesn't have to keep you immobilized.  It is still advisable to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon for a proper diagnosis and recommended treatment.



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