Subacromial Bursitis & Inflammation (Symptoms & Treatment)

Conditions of the Shoulder


  • Joint lubrication injection (Viscosupplementation)
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Shoulder arthroscopy
  • Arthroscopic subacromial decompression
  • Acromioclavicular joint resection
  • Shoulder joint replacement

Subacromial Bursitis

In the shoulder, the subacromial bursa separates the supraspinatus tendon from the overlying bone and deltoid muscle. Inflammation of this bursa is usually a result of injury to surrounding structures, most commonly the rotator cuff.

Bursitis around the shoulder can be caused by a repeated minor trauma such as overuse of the shoulder joint and muscles or a single more significant trauma such as a fall.

Common symptoms of subacromial bursitis

    • Pain on the outside of your shoulder; may spread down your arm towards the elbow or wrist.
    • Pain made worse when lying on affected shoulder.
    • Pain made worse when rasing your arm above your head; activities such as washing hair, reaching up to high shelf in the cupboard.

It is recommended to Dr Siow’s professional help if the pain persists after conservative treatment. Shoulder stability and rotator cuff strength need to be addressed and can be optimised with specific exercises as taught by physiotherapist. In severe cases surgical treatments such as arthroscopy may be recommended by Dr Siow.

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