Olecranon Fracture – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Surgery

Olecranon Fracture

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The olecranon is the pointy part of your elbow, which is part of the ulna bone. When you bend your elbow, you can easily feel its “tip,” a bony prominence that extends from one of the lower arm bones (the ulna).  It is positioned directly under the skin of the elbow. Therefore,without much protection from muscles or other soft tissues, it can easily break if you experience a direct blow to the elbow or fall on a bent elbow.


Common symptoms of Olecranon fracture:

          • Sudden, intense pain
          • Inability to straighten elbow
          • Swelling over the bone site
          • Bruising around the elbow
          • Tenderness to the touch
          • Numbness in one or more fingers
          • Pain with movement of the joint

An X-ray of the elbow will be taken to confirm that a fracture has occurred.

Treatments for olecranon fractures requires an arm sling to hold the elbow in place and plenty of rest to allow the fracture to heal and to regain motion. Most patients will return to normal activities within 4-6 months, although full healing can take more than a year.

However, if the fracture shifts in position,surgery may be required to put the bones back together.

It is recommended to seek prompt medical treatment from Dr Siow if you have experienced a suspected olecranon fracture.

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